Hear from Hummingbird’s Nest: Goose

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Goose, one of the most exciting jam bands on the scene, didn’t allow the pandemic to halt their creative momentum. They’ve been turning to livestreams and an expansive virtual marketing approach to spread their exhilarating music to the masses. We recently had the honor of speaking with band member Peter Anspach, who juggles the triple duty of vocals, keys, and guitar.

To describe Goose’s music, the multi-instrumentalist with the Magnum-P.I. stache responds, “Goose is like a warm hug before jumping out of a plane.”

“I just love the diversity of where we can go,” says Anspach. “I feel lucky to be in a band that can rage a jam but then also pull your heart strings inside the same set.”

“We’re really excited for what’s next. There’s just a lot that we’ve worked on over the last year that nobody’s seen and nobody’s heard,” says Anspach with a cheeky grin. “Which is really exciting because we get to showcase a lot more different things than people are going to be expecting.”

Big ol’ thanks to Goose for the interview.

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