The ‘90s Women Who Built Hip-Hop

Since the creation of rap music at the end of the ‘70s, the genre has undergone immense development. While MCs have gone on to craft discographies of different magnitudes and directions, all intend to make some impact on the evolution of hip-hop. Of all the periods in rap music, the ‘90s stands as the decade of heightened creativity and innovation, giving way to some of the most … Continue reading The ‘90s Women Who Built Hip-Hop

Pure Colors, Modern Funk Ambassador

Hailing from Atlanta, 26-year-old Pure Colors is emerging on the scene as a talented and youthful face for future funk out East. With clutch collaborations such as Flamingosis and Engelwood now logged into his discography, there is only upside remaining for this developing musician. By reconstructing 70s funk and disco, Pure Colors hopes to tastefully rebrand the grooviest music in world history to show young listeners the roots of … Continue reading Pure Colors, Modern Funk Ambassador