Meet the Hummingbirds

Hummingbird is made up of a team of excited, youthful, and knowledgeable contributors with a common love for great music and yummy ice cream. Check us out!

Nathalie Reinstein is a junior at Colorado College. She loves cheese, corn OFF the cob, and can’t get enough of the color blue. She’s the site’s Editor-in-Chief, making sure the site runs smoothly and reads beautifully.

Michael Gorman is a senior at Colorado College. He likes cheese considerably less than Nathalie, but still a little bit. He holds 29 crowns in the Last.FM Discord server, and loves Kaytranada, Smino, and Anderson .Paak. He’d also like you to know that the Washington Nationals are still World Series champs. Michael’s the Chief of Staff for Hummingbird.

Andrew Edds is a senior at Colorado College. He absolutely does not like cheese and should probably refuse it if you offer it to him. He loves Kaytranada, Kiefer, and Erykah Badu (he might be Kiefer’s biggest fan!) and roots hard for his St. Louis Cardinals. Andrew is Hummingbird’s Head of Content.

Ezra Pine is a senior at Grinnell College. He’s a huge Chicago Sports fan, and his favorite athlete of all-time is Devin Hester. He loves rap, and some of his favorites are Denzel Curry, Logic, Eminem, and 21 Savage. Ezra loves to write about sports, social issues, and progressive politics.

Jason DeBrito is a senior at the University of Toronto, Angolan-born, and Singapore-raised. He’s the kind of person who thrives off of being social, always trying to find the best in those around him (which sometimes bites him in the ass, can’t lie). He takes pride in helping others because he believes in building support systems. He first fell in love with music when I heard “good kid M.A.A.D city” for the first time. He grew up dancing, so music has always been a second language to him, but this album moved him in a way that dancing couldn’t translate (nor is it really a dancing album LMAO). Since then, he’s been a hip-hop and R&B junkie, but he is not opposed to any genre. He studies Sociocultural anthropology, which has allowed him to view the world outside himself, and it’s made him very passionate about obtaining as much knowledge about the world, systematically. He hopes his ideas about the realm of music align with readers, and if they don’t, let him know. He’s an open book.

Dire Ezeh is a recent grad from Occidental College. His love for Pokémon, good food and great music is unparalleled. Some of his favorite artists are King Krule, Kid Cudi, and Lykke Li. Catch him outside (literally)!

Katia Goldberg is a third year at University of California, Davis. As a proud Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology major she strives to bring quality conservation information and she is dedicated to bringing you a new hummingbird every week. Check out her corner of art as her creativity is banging! Listening to a crazy range of music from Anderson .Paak to SofiTukker, Katia tries to appreciate every genre (except country oops). Thx for reading!

Jonathan Tignor is one of the editors for NECTAR POETRY.

Rayn Fox is a third year at Colorado College. They are one of the editors for NECTAR POETRY.

Evan Gaines is a senior at Washington College. He only consumes cheese in shredded form, usually in the wee hours of the night and straight from the bag. Evan is the creator of the music podcast CLiFF CiTY Radio, which posts weekly to the ‘bird. He other ventures include photo journalism, and writing on music history.

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