Interview: Muwosi Describes Gentle Confidence, Creating “Of Compassion”

All photos taken by Zack Sulak, styled by Mija Mazetti

Focusing on a strong yet gentle sense of self-assuredness, Muwosi’s recent EP, Of Compassion sees the young artist beautifully cultivate personal and airy lyrics and aesthetics. 

Produced by LA jazz pianist-composer-producer Lionmilk, Of Compassion displays Muwosi at her core; an empathetic artist seeking to curate gentle and holistic music

She says it’s relieving to finally release the EP, which was inspired by and started in Los Angeles, where Muwosi says she and Lionmilk really gelled as a duo. Beyond recorded music, they’ve collaborated on the “Sunset Vibrations” series, where the two would jam together as the sun sets, giving their beautiful views a soundtrack.

Going forward, the two have plenty more to share with fans. Muwosi mentioned she’s working on her upcoming album, for which Of Compassion serves as a small sample.

“It sounds very dreamy, like it literally sounds like a jazz, modern R&B alternative electronic dream,” she says. “It sounds like Of Compassion, but there’s more depth to it. The lyrics are very inspiring [and] confident.”

The new album seems to be a reflection of the personal growth she’s undergone in the past few years, as she spoke on changing her mindset since she first got to LA.

“Knowing who [I am] is something I have been on a journey of within the past two years,” she says. “That journey was not easy in the beginning, especially being that I’m not from Los Angeles.”

“That’s when I was very vulnerable because I was only comparing myself to all the other artists there; I was extremely insecure,” she says. “I didn’t believe in myself, but then a light bulb went off in my head. And it was like hey, everyone is unique in their own way. We all each have a special purpose on this Earth.”

Part of her special purpose on this Earth is helping others find their light. On top of her music, Muwosi hopes to enter the fashion industry as a creator and model. A quick look at her Instagram shows she’s already had success working with professional outlets.

On the surface, her music might appear to be about “Frozen Blueberries” or “Something to Eat.” But the personal philosophy that everyone has their own light to let shine is what guides Muwosi’s music. Gentle melodies, encouraging lyrics, and a complete lack of jagged edges portray the empathy and love she has to share: she always approaches with love, rather than hurt.

Many thanks to Muwosi for the interview! Make sure to stream Of Compassion today, and for the future, follow her on all social media platforms to be the first to hear her upcoming album when it’s released.

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