You Need to Watch Easy Life’s “Sunday” Music Video

I mean it. The bubblegum-pink, ice cream shop aesthetic cropping up all over 2019’s music video scene has struck once again in Easy Life’s newest video release from May 23. In this pink-hued ode to easy, young love, Murray Matravers, the five-piece band’s lead rapper/singer, invites us into his floofy, warmly lit bedroom to pass time with his female love interest. They eat out of pink Chinese takeout boxes, play an old Nintendo, and romp around suggestively — both dressed to the nines in baby pink silk.

Time is fleeting for the two here, yet there’s a sense of moments prolonged and physical aging that complicates the notion. Murray grows a full-length beard before a minute has passed, and both he and his lady friend become tangled in meters and meters of hair by the end of the three and a half minute-long video. A wall-mounted clock spins comically quickly, and their bedroom seems to function as a cocoon-like haven separated neatly from time, space, and the world outside.

Murray’s bandmates are seen drumming and waiting on the front stoop through the fisheye peephole. An Uber Eats or Postmates delivery man waits to be let in. The police come knocking. The world outside, painted in black and white, seems unable to penetrate the passionate and saccharine interior of this pink paradise of love.

The music itself is brilliant in its simplicity and honest celebration of youthful romance. “Everytime I lay her down it feels like Sunday” is clearly a tribute to a woman who makes everyday feel like the laziest, most comforting, relaxed, and intimate day of the week.

Take the three and a half minutes to lose yourself in this modern ballad of pink love and British nonchalance. You won’t regret it.  

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