CLiFF CiTY Episode 2: Metal Box and Hyper Pop

CLiFF CiTY Radio is Washington College’s first college radio show, created and hosted by Evan Gaines. The hummingbird mag has graciously allowed the Radio Free George production to be hosted on the site for it’s weekly summer postings.

CLiFF CiTY Radio looks to relish the weird and wonderful the music world has to offer so each week can host a totally different set of tunes than the last, but that’s just half the fun.

This week CLiFF CiTY is joined by new co-host Conrad Clemens! The team begins their weekly summer casts by diving into the eclectic world of hyper pop with a playlist fit for an abandoned warehouse party. 

This Week’s Tracklist:
INTRO: I DON’T CARE by Park Hye Jin
1. Moon Talk by Laurel Halo
2. Sat By A Tree by Dan Deacon 
3. Vowels = space and time by Grimes
4. Fainting Spells by Crystal Castles
5. Pink Diamond by Charli XCX
6. Up out of my Face by Cakes da Killa (feat. Peaches)
7. XS by Rina Sawayama
8. Shield Your Eyes, A Beast in the Well on Your Hand by Melt-Banana
9. Klekta by Molchat Doma
10. Ur Soul and Mine by Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx
11. You Did It Yourself by Arthur Russel
12. This is the Day by The The
13. Pursuit by Gaseffalstein 
14. Is It Cold In The Water? By SOPHIE
15. Forever by Charli XCX

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