Let’s Talk About Wireless Connections

With more time to think than usual, I’ve bestowed upon myself the task of picking my favorite song of all time. And if I had to pick one song as if my life depended on it, my song would be “WiFi” by DRAM featuring Erykah Badu.

Released in 2016, this hidden gem on DRAM’s “Big Baby DRAM” album, “WiFi” is spectacular in all regards. The beat resembles a euphoric hookup, almost like the sound of the springs of a mattress — subtle yet sexy. And the lyrics vividly portray a dialogue between the two people who are emotionally and physically invested in one another, although their connection may have emerged at a complicated time. 

Some of the world’s greatest art is simply a glorification of reality, and this song is just that. It begins with DRAM addressing Badu, “Do you got wifi?” It is nearly a rhetorical question, but serves more as a suggestive and loaded conversation starter. 

“Boy I got wifi,” responds Badu, which shifts the song’s perspective to Badu’s. Here, you’re left pondering: is DRAM’s energy reciprocated?

“What is it that you have to show me? / Boy it better be good, please don’t blow me / Well answer me this, while it’s loading / Do you like my feng shui in my living room?” Badu continues. It’s a smooth transition and perhaps what DRAM was hoping for in posing the question. Calling upon wifi functions as a way of appealing to connection not only virtually but physically — it’s genius. 

I’m weak in the knees for a good story told by an even better storyteller. And this song is told by DRAM and Erykah Badu, some of the best in the game. They tell about something we have all fantasized about — regardless if we want to admit it or not. 

It’s clear that the connection the song’s characters have may be inappropriate given their situation, but they join by the end of the song for better or worse. Together they sing, “No strings attached, no strings attached / We’re still connected, we’re still connected” repeatedly until it finally clicks. The listener starts to question, wait, are they still talking about Wifi? Are they talking about themselves? Incredible. 

Connections have always been wireless, right? Not only do these artists deliver on nearly every track they produce, but they force you to get mentally tangled in thoughts about things like Wifi? DRAM and Badu, you continue to make gold, and this song is perfect.

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