Sofi Tukker’s Livestreams: Making Quarantine Exciting and Less Lonely

If you haven’t heard of Sofi Tukker, lord, are you missing out! Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, as of Jun. 20, have gone live for 100 days straight. Bringing an energy incomparable to any other artist I have been keeping up with during the big Q, at one o’clock EST, Sofi Tukker goes live for at least 30 minutes. From extra sets at night to pausing to have a conversation about racism to posting bail for members of Sofi Tukker’s “Freak Fam” during these powerful protests to creating Zooms for said “Freak Fam” to crying over comments left about their music to inspiring people to send in their own remixes to releasing songs for their world premiere only through these live sets — Sofi Tukker has single handedly made me feel like I am part of an online community. 

Today for Day 100, Sofi dressed as Tukker and Tukker dressed as Sofi, wearing exactly what their counterpart usually wears:

After watching for 100 days in a row, I can easily recognize the orange cape as Sofi’s and the Green apron as Tukker’s. Taking this act even further, Sofi makes her voice deep like Tukkers and Tukkers high pitched as Sofi’s. For 100 minutes, they pretend to be each other just for a good time, and it makes me, and their two-comment-per-second audience, laugh for all 6,000 seconds of this crazy set. They dance like their counterparts, and it is straight comedy

They perform a variety of songs, some sent in from an anonymous DJ (named Holz-Blaster?), and some that are seeing their world premier. Each song makes me workout harder and smile while doing so. As Tukker says, “It may be House Arrest but it is not Fun Arrest,” alluding to their new single House Arrest and the current house arrest situation we are all living in, I feel more motivated to dance and jump around as their smiles echo through their live sets. 

I did not tune in to these live sets until around Day 16, but I have watched ever since. Per my new routine, I wake up ready for a new set, waiting to workout until it is posted on Twitch. I listen and bike 10-15 miles, and when I finish the day’s set, if you can believe it, I listen to an older set to finish my workout strong. Some of my favorite sets are Day 58, where the duo do their first throwback set filled with dance songs from the ‘90s, Day 69, where they perform solely sexual songs (hilarious), and Day 84, where they play an unreleased song featuring Mahmut Orhan called “Forgive Me.” As I wait here for these incredible songs to be released, today, Day 100, they released multiple remixes through their Dropbox that I was able to add to my library. I am utterly impressed with the way SofiTukker wants their audience to feel like family where everyone is able to access their music from far and wide.

I recommend you stay posted because I have a feeling they will be releasing an album soon, and if you watch even just one of their sets, you will experience the same excitement for their new music. Sofi Tukker makes me feel like I am in a community of people who are just as excited to get up and dance through these absolutely bizarre times. So if you find yourself with about 30-45 minutes of free time, go onto Twitch, Facebook, or Instagram and find yourself a saved live set. Or even better! Tune in live on one of these apps at 1 o’clock tomorrow, and catch them live! Either way, please indulge in what is keeping me sane right now because I promise you will enjoy every drop, every joke, and every smile. 

Check out our Sofi Tukker playlists on Spotify and Apple Music!

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