Title: Tuesday by the river     

poem: crystal blue waters     please, don’t    a yellow blanket   smelling of lemongrass       knees     pine cones and stinging nettles	second day of June	 a hand     some stray ducks moving     a pair of white Converse     seventy three days 	breath shaking, uneven	only      a slight breeze under a scolding sun     fuchsia stickers on skates	the promise of free movement, gliding	hair uncut, untamed 	    the white house on fire	rose bushes    growing growing growing	blue notes on green and brown, flakes	walking among reflections of bodies     water pushing through      fists on the sky	   mouths wide open     that familiar sun cream smell     who will be next    all the colours on our skin	    if only     yellow jumpsuit, yellow socks, hazel eyes	the currents strong, so blue	    words from a speaker    some song      black out black squares black hearts       a sip of water	 yellow  hand sanitiser gel in clear bottle     hands in hands in hands     how long	   do not picture this     the thought of legos and baby arms     gliding     moving fast like	green brown ducklings     say their names      swans caressing     a jazz song      walking in a river on a tuesday	 simple, slow humming over a radio	 rays	 locked  down leaves on the surface	     water hoping     and the fear of the easing of rules

Angeliki Ampelogianni is a Greek writer and poet. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and an MA in Creative Writing from Oxford Brookes University. She currently lives in Oxford with her favourite human and their favourite house plants. In her spare time she enjoys a few too many decaf coffees, and quinoa cheese puffs. Her work also appears in the Kindling Journal, Porridge Magazine, and Lucent Dreaming among others. You can find her on instagram @angel_de_la_vigne, and twitter @ampelogianni

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