Poem Title: MANDATUM

Poem: language, a skin
we rub together
our palms stoking small fires
in our crepuscular crevices
I, Babel.
a polyphony
of unknown tongue
into crook of elbow Morning
in the tub:
we pay homage
to your constellation
of moles
making daily ablutions
of foam, I behold this
Holiest Book of Hours

Under candlelight
Frisian eyebrow, Sanskrit curls, Braille of spine
you, the archivist
of marrow

*Please consult the Corpus*

(in the style of the Medieval annals)
this body [’s]
drip of days
[ breviary of dispensed breath ]

Thomas Mar Wee (they/them) is a writer, poet, and editor based in New York and a senior studying English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. A writer of poetry, fiction, and mixed-media work, their work seeks to explore liminality in literary forms and the ambiguities they inhabit as a mixed-race, genderqueer person. They are currently at work on a short story collection and a novel.

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