4 Short Albums/EPs Perfect for Your Library

Emmavie ~ What’s a Diamond To a Baby

Producer, songwriter, and singer, Emmavie, delivers a sensual and riveting body of work on her latest EP. From top to bottom, each track displays an originality that is so bold and refreshing it has the listener questioning “what’s next?” The production of this album meshes perfectly with mazes of contemporary sounds, each note wrapped in a blanket of vintage R&B threaded thoughtfully with strings of neo-soul; a journey enriched with color as Emmavie’s sultry voice guides you and confesses like a sinner. 

Sammy Rae & The Friends ~ Let’s Throw a Party

The Brooklyn-based band comes through with an EP that lives up to the project’s title. Although they get categorized as an alternative group, they provide plenty of nuances ranging from different genres such as jazz, R&B, and soul. Alongside the impressive production, Sammy Rae’s versatile vocal range blesses each track with gorgeous riffs, runs, and belts.

Evann McIntosh ~ Character Development

Following their acclaimed 2019 debut album, MOJO,  Evann McIntosh comes through again with another captivating album with a collection of songs that have a range of different styles; R&B, alt-pop, with nuances of hip-hop, and a dash of soul. With this project, one can tell this is only the beginning of a fruitful and exciting career for Evann McIntosh.

Cocoa Sarai ~ Cacao l 

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, Cocoa Sarai, delivers a bounty of soul. She shares her story towards success in a three-part EP series. On her first EP, Cacao l—in the duration of 3 tracks—she expresses her relentless dedication to herself, her craft, her dreams, and the struggles she had to face to preserve such sentiments. The project is filled with attractive melodies, endless soul, touches of blues, and doo-wop.

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