[Concert Review] Parcels Brings Denver to the Australian Beach

Touring Day/Night, their November album release, Parcels is once again expanding their global reach and fanbase. 

An Australian band with sold-out shows in America and across Europe, Parcels does well to satisfy fans of poppy, light anthems and entrancing deep cuts that send audiences into a synth-induced trance.

Folding in layers of funk, surf rock, and electronica, Parcels’ wide stylistic appeal and goofy charisma made them irresistible on stage. 

Performing live, the group focused more on the bright tones of the front half of the new album, bringing the crowd to a crescendo during “Tieduprightnow” about thirty minutes into the show.

With some cliche rockstar crowd-encouragement, Parcels shouted out Denver and Englewood, giving them credit for being some of the most enthusiastic fans of the whole tour.

With eager encouragement from the crowd, the group had the audience wrapped around their fingers. Each member did well to perform in a goofy and endearing fashion — perhaps the cutest being bassist Noah Hill, who pranced around the stage whenever he wasn’t tied to his instrument.

Like his fellow bandmate, keyboardist Patrick Hetherington often picked up the cowbell and tambourine, dancing around the stage and visiting each of his bandmates with what was clearly pure joy and friendship.

And while Louie Swain on synths and Anatole Serret on drums each had their moments, it was lead singer and guitarist Jules Crommelin that had the venue swooning to the tune of his mustache and Freddie Mercury-style white tank top.

Throughout the set, Parcels delved into their deeper cuts, gliding smoothly away from their poppy hits to their more trancey, winding numbers. The band’s patience in getting to these longer songs paid off — each track, no matter how long winded, never felt repetitive.

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