[Interview] Question Your Existence With Ninet Tayeb

On June 10, Israeli alternative rock ‘n’ roll artist Ninet Tayeb dropped a captivating sonical experience that transcends in spirit with the help from gorgeous guitar riffs and angelic belts. The track is titled, “Who Is Us,” a thought provoking statement from the voice of a true star. Ninet is no stranger to fame and its tremendous spotlight.She has won “Israeli Idol” in the past, which was the catalyst to her eventual fame, starred in her own long-running TV series which was based on her life, as well as a number of other major Israeli films. I got the opportunity to interview Ninet, through email, to gain a better understanding of her perspective and why she composed such a thought provoking song. 

The song title is simply put but its meaning is bountiful; ”Who Is Us” is a question that meddles in the existential and persists alongside a healthy pride. “I’ve been asking these kinds of questions ever long. I’ve always been a very curious child, constantly asking questions and lured by the world of the unknown. Spirituality has always been a massive part of my life. Music is my channel of discovering what it is that I’m supposed to be doing in this lifetime.” You can hear her passionate pursuit to find her true self by way of emoting riveting original lyrics.

Who is us where are we running

I had to let it go so I can breathe again

No more crying

Into my rage

I had to let it go so I can let me be awakening Into a box of shadows

Would you help find colors?

When asking her what her songwriting process looked like for this song, she said that the song started off with a guitar riff. “I played it for days and then one day, suddenly, that line “Who is us and why we are!” just struck me and I didn’t even know what I wanted to say. The mind has so many mysterious ways to tell us things we are not aware of on the day to day activities, it’s a wonder.”  

A wonder, indeed. Such a wonder, in fact, that Ninet was able to visualize this song into a stunning music video. The music video stars Ninet and her band alongside Ninet’s daughter, Emelia, who plays her as a seeker who investigates life and the beyond. It was important for her to showcase the music like a live performance for the sake of creating an atmosphere of
“realism and that spirit world.” 

In the music video, the song seems to be directed towards her inner child, so I had to ask Ninet how important it is to her to hold onto her childish nature and dreams. “I don’t need to hold on to that child as that child is so alive and kicking,” she said. “What I do need to do most of the time is to calm her down and tell her I love her.” 

Ninet Tayeb is a beautiful and bountiful soul; her voice, her perspective, and artistry are the pillars that make her temple shine. She’s a goddess amongst humanity and a talent worth all the roses. I asked if she could offer any advice to anyone who may be questioning their existence.

Her answer is fitting. “All I can say is: please do question your existence. That is the only way you will discover your true self. If you feel afraid to walk in dark corners, take a flashlight with you, be brave, you live in the now. Tomorrow is nowhere to be found until tomorrow.” 

Ninet plans on releasing an album which she says is going to be a “very colorful album that smells like teen spirit. It sounds like an Israeli food––spicy, edgy, sweet but only a little, most of it will kick your tongue with every bite (I hope you like Israeli food).”

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