[Interview] The Higher Talks Influences, Processes, Las Vegas

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, The Higher gained popularity with their unique blend of pop-punk and emo sounds, characterized by catchy guitar riffs, memorable choruses, and emotionally charged lyrics. 

Their debut album, “Histrionics,” released in 2005, quickly garnered critical acclaim and cemented their place in the music scene.

Since then, The Higher has released three more studio albums, including “On Fire” in 2007, “It’s Only Natural” in 2010, and “Necessary Sights” in 2020. With each album, the band has continued to evolve and experiment with its sound, incorporating elements of indie rock, electronic, and even hip-hop.

For this interview, Kobi Selby had the opportunity to ask Seth Trotter, lead singer of The Higher, a few questions about their creative process, musical influences, and upcoming projects. Fans of the band and music enthusiasts alike will not want to miss this insightful conversation with one of the most exciting and innovative groups in the industry.

How did it feel creating?

Felt great!!! It’s good making music again. We all needed it!

What are some of your music influences?

I’d say Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, The 1975, Panic! at the Disco, and The Starting Line.

What inspired you all to create this album?

Honestly, COVID was the reason we all had time to make this happen.

Could you describe your writing process?

It’s very collaborative. Someone has an idea and then we all expand on it. Sometimes it’s music and we write lyrics to it…and sometimes it’s lyrics and melody and we write music to that idea.

How’s tour life going?

Tour has been great It’s so fun getting to relive the nostalgia of our genre and seeing all our old friends and family again!

Why the title “Elvis in Wonderland?” And how did it come to be?

We had originally named the song “Elvis in Wonderland,” and when we were thinking of EP titles that seemed to fit better than any. Plus, it was the first track on the record.

What do you hope listeners will take from this project?

That The Higher are back making good music and excited to see everyone again soon!!!

Could you explain who Lady Luck is for the folks who are uncultured in Vegas lingo? 

Lady Luck was a casino though it’s the Downtown Grand now…but in our reference, it’s just what you call luck when you are trying to come up big at the tables in Vegas!

How’s being from Las Vegas shaped your perspective on music and life?

It definitely has shaped us lyrically in how we grew up and who we are today. Vegas is a town that never sleeps and has so many experiences condensed to the Vegas strip. I wouldn’t live anywhere else!

What do you hope listeners gain from this project?

Hopefully some new songs to their Spotify and remembering the old songs from their MySpace page hahaha.

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