Ravenna’s Sikh Roots

Raveena Aurora’s music video for her new single, “Tweety,” mixes ‘90s nostalgia, psychedelic visuals, and South Asian aesthetics with an intoxicating pop sound that lives up to her past album. Her music video weaves together seemingly disparate parts to show –– once again –– the love, fun, and beauty of embracing her diasporic identity. Raveena is a powerful presence as she speaks up for her … Continue reading Ravenna’s Sikh Roots

Greentea Peng’s Revolution

Greentea Peng’s new music video for her song “Revolution” fuses past and present political movements with her neo-soul stylings to preach self-transformation. Drawing from reggae and hip hop, she creates an altogether new sound that resonates deeply with her message of critical care. The music video itself begins with reference to the ‘60s fear of camera surveillance, set in black and white, and ends with … Continue reading Greentea Peng’s Revolution