Fake Tapes: A Groovy Breath of Fresh Air

Feeling like I’m at a picnic on a blue-sky day surrounded by flowers, Fake Tapes has improved my quarantine considerably. Their self-titled EP released in 2018 is the kind of music that can only come from folks in pure creative mode. In other words, they aren’t limited by demanding label executives or massive crowds of fans. 

Taking inspiration from the music of Erykah Badu, Thundercat, and Michael Jackson, the group emanates an undeniable groove and translate through their lyrics and instrumentation a delightful penchant for positivity and lightheartedness. My main takeaway from their music is that they all must be such kind people.

Fake Tapes’s instrumentation is constantly impressive, effortlessly sharing the spotlight, giving each band member their shine. Fima Chupakhin, talented keyboardist, could fill any room with a wide assembly of jazz instruments, and drummer Tim Ford might take center stage least often, but a few solos showcase his skill for keeping the band in rhythm. And Michael Brownell on bass lays down some basslines that’ll have you involuntarily tapping your foot, but more likely enthusiastically jumping on your bedroom dancefloor.

T42,” off the “Fake Tapes EP”  reads as a declaration of excitement in looking forward to fun times, and later, lead singer Kyla Quinn spreads empowerment and self-appreciation on “Phenomenal Woman, That’s Me,” of course inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou. Both tracks are jazzy and impressive, combining their trademark positivity with incredible talent — Quinn’s voice shines like glowstone or a shimmering chandelier.

Also on the “Fake Tapes EP” is “I Think You’re An Ass,” a track that bends the expectation of what it sounds like to be called an ass. It’s another happy-go-lucky song that playfully dismisses people that “aren’t here to love me.” Don’t worry about the haters today, just call them an ass and move on!

They say it as well as anyone on their Facebook page: “The most important thing for Fake Tapes is to share good soulful music in a fun and creative way that will get you up on your feet and dancing.”

With the help of Fake Tapes, we can all feel better in these trying times.

Fake Tapes :: The Groove

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