No “BS” Here: Still Woozy Talks Music, Getting Engaged and Quarantine Life

note: this article was first published by Grant Conley to GEN-ZiNE, a publication dedicated to addressing contemporary issues through the lens of Generation Z. They also have a voting initiative live on their site! Check it out here.

Sven Gamsky, the man behind bedroom pop icon Still Woozy, just released his brand new single “BS” showcasing his artistic talent and production versatility. “BS” follows popular December and April releases “Habit” and “Window” (respectively), both of which caught fire and solidified Sven as one of the most prolific modern lo-fi trendsetters.

The Still Woozy sound is not complete without some production creativity and “BS” does not disappoint. After Sven sampled a rocking bed frame in “Window” his fans were eagerly awaiting some of that same outside-the-box production in his next track. This new single features a classical guitar, flexing serotonin-boosting melodies bound to put you in a good mood. This mingles with the main beat of the song in a way that feels complicated, yet tastefully satisfying. From a musician’s perspective, this is what Still Woozy does best. Taking a musically complex idea and turning it into an easy listening jam. Through his melodies, production, and lyrics, Sven is able to capture a feeling like no other. In songs like “BS” he uses his voice as an additional instrument, while not sacrificing concise – yet encapsulating – lyricism to get his point across.

The vibe and feeling “BS” is attempting to deliver is about blocking out the world for the one you love. Sitting inside and paying attention to your one and only. This is a concept at the forefront of Sven’s life, and many others during this pandemic. While giving GEN-ZiNE a sneak peak of this single via Universal’s 1824 press conference, Sven also gave us a sneak peak of his life at the moment. During quarantine, Sven got engaged to artist Ami Kahn-Tietz, who actually illustrated the “BS” album art. The couple is joined by a beautiful puppy named Beemo – named after Sven’s favorite character in Adventure Time, which also happens to be his all time favorite tv show.

While Beemo was trying his best to lick Sven’s nose, Gamsky happily reminisced about his last live performance at The Fonda theater in October. After USC Thornton alum Remy Wolf opened with a bang, Still Woozy took a dive into the crowd on a pool floatie. He went on to say “It was just such good energy…I love kind of rambunctious like shit like that…The crazier the crowd gets the crazier I get… There’s something about the environment that turns me into the best me I can be.” While concerts are paused for the time being, we can only hope to see Still Woozy perform soon enough. He actually performed at USC in 2019 for Springfest, a set that brought hundreds of students out from their dorms in the early afternoon.

As much as we all miss concerts, it’s very apparent that Still Woozy is using the extra at-home time to focus on his music, his fiancé, and of course, Beemo. Listening to Sven monologue about all the different creative aspects behind the production of “BS” made me think about how all artists across the world are in the same boat. With time on their hands and brand-new ideas flowing with ample time on the clock, musicians are creating at an uncanny pace. With the absence of touring, we may get a lot more variety from artists like Still Woozy in the next couple of months, which might culminate into somewhat of a renaissance for modern music. Which to me, sounds like a pretty dope silver lining.

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