“Salt on My Tongue,” an Invigorating Introduction to Hyde [Exclusive Interview]

Hyde and Gonzo are here to expel all bad energy this cold season with an energetic, soaring track, the first off Hyde’s upcoming project. The pair link up smoothly for a romantic yet somber single, “Salt on My Tongue,” a release that’ll have you waiting to hear more from the pair. 

And while Gonzo’s signature heartbreak lyrics are in full effect on the song, Hyde’s alto vocals are impressive and steal the show. It’s a gripping debut; it’s not often you hear a singer drop their first song with such preeminent talent. Her years of classical opera training and experience in musical theater played a role in Hyde’s development as a singer over the years — and it truly pays off here. 

The song is the first in a rollout for Hyde’s debut project.

“Salt on my tongue is the first single off my upcoming EP in the spring,” the recent Boulder grad says. “It has five songs on it, plus an interlude right now. I’m really excited.”

Gonzo and longtime collaborator Kyle Walsh produced the song, a part of a growing creative relationship that’s already produced several songs of their own, including “Marigold,” which dropped this summer.

Jonah Bird, the third member of new band ROSETINT, along with Gonzo and Walsh, mastered the track. Gonzo and Hyde were effusive in their praise for Bird’s nose for mastering tracks.

“He’s lowkey the most knowledgeable producer and audio engineer that I know,” Gonzo says. “He really put the cherry on top.”

The collaboration came in 2020, which speaks for itself.

“In the pandemic, there really wasn’t much else you could do,” Gonzo says. “I reached out to a ton of people as soon as the pandemic hit … and they were all down to do stuff. Just because nobody can do anything right now.”

Both Hyde and Gonzo spoke of their excitement for collaborating with new artists, folks Hyde calls her “cyber friends.”

“They just want to get their hands on projects. They want to work with people,” Hyde says. “So I feel like it’s very important to give people opportunities, even if they don’t really have credentials. You never know. You could be discovering or nurturing a talent.”

That last point is important — Hyde’s spent time in the music industry working on her professional skills, so she always has her manager hat on even when she’s making her own music. She recognizes the massive uphill battle of trying to make a living off of independent music, and is ready for it.

I’m really glad that I have that experience of working for so many artists in so many different genres,” Hyde says. “From acting as tour manager for artists… to talking to different booking agents, tour managers, stuff like that. It taught me a lot about releasing my own music.”

Considering her professional experience along with natural talent and all the years of hard work she’s spent improving herself, “Salt on My Tongue” is just the beginning for Hyde. 

As for Gonzo, he spoke about plans for what feels like a multitude of projects due to release this year. He’s going to keep helping the production process of Hyde’s EP, but on top of that he talked about a dropping another album with his good friend Beez — their follow-up to 2020’s None the Wiser. He’s also working with Bird and Walsh to put out ROSETINT’s debut album, and as a little bonus, mentioned the idea of remixing his debut EP, 19 Years, some time down the line.

While much is still insecure in 2021, we can be sure of one thing: Hyde and Gonzo artists will continue to release music and bring their talented and down-to-earth perspectives to the world. Stream “Salt on My Tongue” today!

Many thanks to Hyde and Gonzo for taking the time to chat with Hummingbird — make sure to follow them on all platforms!

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