Press Release: Soleil’s New Video, “Whose Side?”

Last month, Soleil unleashed the single, “Whose Side?” The song has garnered much success and praise. Building on the success, Soleil is back with a vibrant, colorful music video for “Whose Side?” The music video matches the upbeat, feel good vibe that the song exudes. 

The music video was directed by Samantha Pertusiello. Similarly to how Soleil was involved in the production of the song, Soleil served as the co-creative director of the music video for “Whose Side?” The music video depicts the song’s premise by showing multiple personalities through different wigs and makeup in scenes, which represents the idea of choosing a side and the various layers of a person. 

The “Whose Side?” music video is yet another release within the string of releases Soleil has planned for the year. Next month, Soleil is dropping a song with VKZ called, “On The Low.” The virtuosa also has an upcoming song with Grammy Award winner Jackie’s Boy and another song with Hip-Hop recording artist Jay Burna coming out later this year. Soleil is showing no signs of slowing down and continues her rise to superstardom. The “Whose Side?” music video will leave viewers with no other option than to become a fan. 

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