Album Appreciation: Sunni Colón’s “Satin Psicodelic”

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This album is the best YouTube has ever done with its algorithm. The video Colón created alongside Satin Psicodelic is an epic expression of beautiful color combinations, people, and musical arrangements. 

Vocally, Colón appears to be inspired by the neo-soul stylings of D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, and other classically sultry singers that don’t have to sing above a whisper to display the depth of their romance.

Satin Psicodelic is as cohesive of an album as they come. Running just under 30 minutes, Colón keeps the mood intimate over a variety of instrumentals that verge on psychedelic R&B. His voice and beats are a match made in heaven, as Colón floats all over this album with passion; the bright, psychedelic tone colors of “Technicolor” give way to the foot-tapping charisma of “Mornin Dew.”

This album is an interesting follow-up to his first album, Thierry Disko, which sees Colón experiment with a much wider array of sounds. Over instrumentals that range from rock to disco to R&B, it’s clear he found his strength on Satin Psicodelic, as it allows ample space for his sensual delivery and intimate lyricism.

What could be viewed as predictable might be more accurately described as dedicated. Colón knows he’s really got this sound down, and creates an album with emotions deeper than the mariana trench with it.

Tune in to this album if you simply can’t stop thinking about that special someone — Sunni Colón might just provide the soundtrack to give you some clarity. However, the album is certainly worth more than its romantic value: breezy chords and lighthearted lyrics make for perfect listening on sunny summer days.

And as a bonus, he just dropped another song last weekend, “Provide.” If we’re lucky, this could mean another project is on the way!

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