Tune in Tuesday: Greentea Peng, Fire in Little Africa Show Out

Fire in Little Africa ~ Fire in Little Africa

In the goal of memory and re-education about the Tulsa Massacre, a group of local artists created this album along with a multimedia education project you can find on their website.

Mndsgn ~ Rare Pleasure

A gentle, easy-on-the-ears listen, Mndsgn’s romantic musings will keep you repeating this album over and over.

THE 6TH LETTER ~ Coneman

A dedicated ice cream sneakers enthusiast, THE 6TH LETTER made a whole album about Pharrell’s legendary shoe brand. Tune in for clever references and Pharrell samples aplenty.

Greentea Peng ~ MAN MADE

Inspired by Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, this album will satisfy fans of each that haven’t heard from their favorite artists in many years. On “This Sound,” Peng describes MAN MADE as physical, metaphysical, mystical, sensual, literal, plentiful, alchemical, and medicinal. Peng is correct on all counts.

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