TRANSCENDENT: Ryal Joins the Event with Futuristic Aplomb

This synth, electronic duo has led us into the future with their newest sounds. Ryal, made up of singer/ keyboardist Jacque Ryal and producer Aaron Nevezie, is a dynamic collaboration. Their sound is formed around alternative, electronic, music that creates a feeling of peace and self-love. Their newest song, “Summer Resurrection” brings a calming, alternative vibe, filled with sounds that bring an orchestra background mixed with light, beautiful vocals.

A mystical, acoustic version of the song “Tame” was shared with Hummingbird, and for us, it begins and ends with goosebumps all around! Jacque’s voice, ever so smooth, is lovely to hear in an acoustic rendition of this song. Jacque Ryal’s love for their nephew is what connected Hummingbird Magazine to this futuristic duo, and for that we are grateful. Be sure to listen to their album “Silver and Gold,” composed of 12 melodramatic, eerie songs that flow supremely. Ryal is eager to join us today, and we are overjoyed to have them!!

Check out our Instagram for more information on how to support our fundraiser!

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