Let Me Put You On: Recent Singles To Boost Your R&B Playlist

Nia Sultana: Ambience 

Recently signed to Interscope Records, R&B artist Nia Sultana comes through with a fresh and seductive sound. This song exudes unapologetic sexual liberation and boss lady vibes. As a perfect mood setter for you and your significant other, Nia mesmerizes your ear with a soft tone and bold composition. Alongside her single, she released her first music video, which features another new song, “Element.” With the release of both “Ambience” and her new music video, it’s clear Nia’s creating her own lane that’s worthy for any music lover’s indulgence.

Jordan Ward: Lil Baby Crush

The St. Louis rapper and singer serves a smooth melodic thrill that draws you in from the jump. His voice — as serene as a sunny Saturday, partnered with a cool breeze that graces your skin just when you need it — is the icing on the cake of a layered production; a production mastered to take your soul back to an 80’s disco party whilst daydreaming about the one you just got to have. 

Elujay & serpentwithfeet: Luvaroq

Like a wave, the multitalented Elujay rides a reggae-style instrumentation by pleading to the woman who’s enchanted his heart to not lose sight of him and their connection. The melody throughout this song is like a spell, so don’t be surprised when you close your eyes and find yourself alongside Elujay, sharing the same wave. The production, sweet like candy, you’ll be begging the brotha for more.

V. Cartier: Westside

Journey to the westside with Mr. Cartier as he brainstorms the moves for the day to a lucky lady over an up-tempo beat and ear-tingling chords. This is the type of song you listen to with your favorite pair of shades on, top down, with the left hand steerin’ and the other grippin’ the thigh of your lover on a day where the sun has you both glowing.

Jordan Hawkins: Risky

With a sensual groove and a soulful tone, “Risky” proves to be irresistible. There’s a balance of serenity and chaos that pour from this single that is channeled through a contrast of soul and rock and roll, which will have you head bobbing and swaying simultaneously. A composition saying all the right risky innuendos, encouraging you to be fearless and to send that late night text to your lil’ baby crush. 

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