Let Me Put You On: Singles from Masego & Devin Morrison, Katlyn Nichol & More

Masego and Devin Morrison: Yamz

This collaboration between two gifted R&B souls is a recipe for an earful of bliss. Released on November 19th, the single was well-timed for Thanksgiving given its focus on one of the holiday’s staple dishes. Its energy blesses you with an ‘80s sensation that takes you right to your grandma’s dinner table. Devin Morrison handles the first verse with swag as he sings about paper chasing and elevating! And the saxophone wizard, Masego, delivers another showcase of his angelic vocal ability as well as his jazz proficiency, which is all over this song, like gravy on biscuits. 

Katlyn Nichol: Liar

Hailing from North Carolina, the R&B up and comer came to play no games with her 2021 summer single. The composition directed toward an ex-lover, who obviously didn’t see the gem of a queen he had in his palms, is fierce and honest. The instrumentation has a heavy Afro-Latin energy that makes you want to give your best attempt to salsa. If this is how she’s coming, the world must prepare space for a powerful voice to take place because she can sing! Her talent is awfully unnoticed and underrated, but in due time that will most certainly change.

Mamadou.: Hues.

Expressing his existential despair and a desire to get back to Allah, Mamadou., provides a rare spiritual sonic experience. If in any case your beliefs are contrary to Mamadou.’s, I assure you this song is still relatable; the feeling of being lost, in constant question of who you are, and in contemplation of the human experience are all sentiments in this song that will resonate. This production showcases his influences from hip-hop, R&B, and sounds from his Malian heritage. The 21-year-old poet, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker from Harlem, New York is laying the groundwork for a noble creative career, and this song proves just that.

Domenic Haynes: Crazy

With an incomparable wide vocal range, Domenic Haynes goes crazy on his recent single. His voice will intoxicate you with sad boy vibes. A message to the girl who’s been driving his mind mad has him constructing poetic lines which belt from his lonely soul. Only having a few singles in his repertoire, it’s incredible knowing that this is just the beginning for Haynes. 

Elujay: Tenfold

Elujay gifts another groovy tune to the universe. A love letter to a lucky lady, whom he seems to be falling for, advises her to never dim her light. This song is perfect for any chill playlist. With the release of this single, it’s easy to say Elujay is in a vibrant state and the music that follows will convey the same.

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