Let Me Put You On: Four Singles for the Soul

BenjiFlow & Oxlade: My Bella

This tune is magic. It’s a love letter in every way. From the composition to the instrumentation, “My Bella” pulls on your heartstrings and encourages you to take your lover by the hand and sway away. You will be humming this single all day because its melody and rhythm are utterly irresistible. BenjiFlow sets the pace for this song, while Oxlade blesses the track with his intoxicating vocals. If you got an afro-beats playlist, I suggest you go ahead and add this to the family. 

Children of Zeus: I Need You

Giving a voice to all the real G’s out here who got someone they love, the R&B–hip-hop duo displays another reason why they should be widely recognized for their originality. “I Need You” is a soulful piece of vulnerability. Unapologetically, they confess that the ladies who got their hearts are a vital necessity. Forewarning, the energy of this tune will give you the urge to wrap up in a warm blanket with the one you can never let go of.

Fana Hues: Breakfast

An angel on earth, Fana Hues delivers a song that’s eloquent yet peaceful. Her voice is an act of liberation — you’ll feel calm under her domain. This is the type of song you play when the rain is hitting your windows and a sudden somberness grows in the air. Yes, this song is the vibe for your depressed ass! Along with her growing catalog, Fana was also featured on Tyler, The Creator’s recent album, Call Me When You Get Lost on the track “Sweet/I Thought You Wanted To Dance.” 

Dylan Sinclair: Regrets

The 19-year-old sensation, by way of Toronto, Canada glides his way through this track. Dwelling in his introspection, Dylan directs his message to the girl of his past while delivering suave-like vocals. His honesty stands out in this song due to his revelatory sentiments that ring true when past lovers come to mind. You can hear the heartbreak in the brotha’s tone. And with that, empathy will form when comprehending his poetic style. This song needs a spot on your loverboy playlist.

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