New Def Jam Signee Debbie Is The Next Best Thing

Recently signed to 0207 Def Jam, Debbie is a burgeoning talent with the voice of a star. By way of the U.K., she dropped two singles later in the year 2021 that are positively worth a listen. Her debut single “Is This Real Love?” is a true R&B experience that’s packaged in originality and graced with potent lyricism and storytelling. Her second single “Summer in December” is simple yet bountiful in feeling — a song that shows appreciation for the small things that make for a wholesome relationship. Debbie’s voice is luscious, you will be enticed and crave for more. And rightfully so, she has a lane that is worth all the attention. On her Instagram (@debbie_), she showcases a mini-series of five music videos, which include three unreleased songs that give more reasons why Debbie is an artist to keep your eyes on. The world needs a ‘lil Debbie in their life. 

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