Haile Supreme Is Ready for His Break

Gaining a cult following through membership in the Washington Slizzards collective and supporting his case with strong features on household hip-hop names like Statik Selektah and Curren$y, Haile Supreme is well-situated to reach millions of ears with his ear-wormy vocals and cheery attitude.

With “Elsewhere” released only a week ago as a birthday gift to himself, Haile Supreme has positioned himself as a top-charting feature away from becoming a household name. It’s not to say that bigger numbers imply more talent, but with such a small discography, it’s been hard for even avid music listeners to discover this young legend. 

“Elsewhere” is a danceable, down-tempo track fit for a Kaytranada SoundCloud loosies album. It’s groovy and shows off Haile’s talent for gliding along a track with airy and seductive vocals. A tame trumpet section and an absolutely bumping bass provides the perfect backdrop for Haile Supreme, a second coming in his own right.

The single comes on the heels of a pair of features on the critically acclaimed CJ Fly album, “RUDEBWOY.” where Haile counters CJ’s hard-hat NYC flow with finesse. Haile’s first appearance is brief, providing a short introduction to a more full showing on “GREW UP.” He’s able to fully spread his wings, showing listeners another side to his talent; the beat is down-tempo just like “Elsewhere,” but instead of dance drums it’s a New York-style boom-bap beat. It’s an eerie and sublime feature, implying a depth of personality we’ll likely get to know on future albums.

Another relevant release is “Danjahrous,” which I featured on a former playlist series. From my blurb on his track: 

“Take it easy, don’t you worry” is the central motif of “Danjahrous,” manifested in several different ways, first through the chorus, a repetition of worry-free feelings that are as earwormy as a Pharrell chorus.

Michael’s Quarantine Playlist, Pt. 1

Next is the beat, which chimes and rings, reminiscing on happy days with infectious energy. It’s a nostalgia-laced track, one that’s so purely happy that it’s impossible to stay away from for over a day or two. It’s a stressful world, so put on this track, light a blunt (or not), and take a break.

I don’t make that Pharrell comparison lightly. He might not have the cultural impact of Pharrell, and Pharrell’s chameleon-like tendencies are truly one of a kind. But from the perspective of each of their penchant for lightheartedly, happy vocals, they are two peas in a pod. Don’t let the low profile fool you: Haile Supreme is ready to blow up.

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