Title: I wouldn’t wait forever but I would wait a long time

poem: daylight Firefly			is
this your skin or the LampLight
is this		sweat on the wall		tent			honeybee
bumblebee		tell me which really makes the rose	petals
like inner
	wrist or the		pheromones that Kill the fly
is	this   your   skin   or		cheddarhissing
onto cast iron					I spill    I spill

do you thatch the grass like You thatch Your
hair		in
the morning		     I        wonder
how	you thatch your hair
in		themorning

Marina Chen is a Chinese-American poet from Washington State and a member of the 2019-2020 Seattle Youth Poet Laureate cohort. Her work has been recognized and published by the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, Live Poets Society of New Jersey, the Hanging Loose literary magazine, Stanford University’s journal Mantis, and others. She is @babymwrites on Twitter.

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