Duckwrth’s “A SuperGood Night” [Concert Review]

Falling in love at the roller rink is just about anyone’s life goal, and Duckwrth provided that feeling and so much more in his virtual concert on Tuesday. He performed the entirety of his 2020 breakout album, SuperGood, and gave each song new meaning by acting out a romantic night at the roller rink with his loved one. 

With bright outfits and beautiful people galore, it was a show to remember and will leave a lasting proclamation that Duckwrth is a performer we’re just getting to know. He’s already proven himself in the past with his music videos as a visual artist, and his dedication to beauty is always enchanting.

Because in-person concerts have been postponed indefinitely or outright cancelled as of late, it was extra special for Ducky to curate an experience that felt so intimate despite being delivered through the same means as a Twitch stream. Several times during the show he would check in to see what the chat was saying, and while there were always too many messages for him to actually make anything out, it was a clear effort to connect with fans, which goes a long way.

That effort was consistent throughout the show, from check-ins with the chat to see which candy he should order for himself, to strong camera awareness while roller skating around the rink. That multi-tasking was another impressive aspect — he often had two or three things going on simultaneously but never let up his concentration. And his charisma made almost every song or skit feel so smooth.

The only moment that truly came off flat during the night was his trip to the snack bar, which was awkward and a little stunted — it seemed like his flow was slightly off as he stood there deciding between Twix, Kit Kats and Skittles for what felt like several minutes. But he pulled it off, and didn’t let that pause in momentum slow down the rest of the show. 

He even let fans in on his relationship with Summer Breeze Hoskins, his girlfriend, as “Kiss U Right Now” was appropriately sensual, matching the desire of the song. Sexual tension was present as the two embraced for a kiss, but eventually pulled back. Hoskins isn’t as much of a performer as he is, which is completely fair; he’s on a level hard to match. Also, the romantic tunes later in the performance smoothed out any rough edges.

Momentum fully turned back up for fan-favorite “Super Bounce,” as he stood from the table where he was courting his boo thang to address an audience of the 20 or so people skating around the rink. It was a nice taste of what he’d sound like live, and while he couldn’t quite recreate EARTHGANG’s two verses on the track, it was a well-performed track.

After the intermission, he fully left his mark with passionate performances of “Tuesday,” “World on Wheels,” and “SuperGood.” It was only natural that “World on Wheels” was a hit — it’s all about dancing at a roller rink. I’m having a hard time not boogie-ing out of my seat thinking about it! But the star of the show was “SuperGood.” Duckwrth fused the alluring combination of a down-tempo beat with an uplifting delivery. The intimate, purposeful performance of such an amazing song came off perfectly and made a fitting conclusion to a wonderful night.

This show wraps up what has been a show-stopping 2020 for Duckwrth. Adapting to circumstances with finesse, “A SuperGood Night” was as inspiring and full of warmth as we all need right now. A performer with vivid heart and soul, rhythmic charisma, and a million-dollar smile, Duckwrth looks to be on a short list of artists that have the ability to influence generations. He’s SuperGood.

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