Ryal Drops Danceable, Somber New Single, “Thunder (Solo on the Dancefloor)” [Track Review]

Photo courtesy of Anna Azarov

Thunder (Solo on the Dancefloor)” is a blast of synth disco dedicated to the memory of Ryal lead singer’s close friend, JD, who passed from COVID-19 this year. It’s an emotionally stirring piece, with heavily emotive rising and falling synths that support Jacque’s vocal harmonies.

Inspired by many elements of the New York dance tracks of the past, the track is nostalgic through many avenues, giving it unlimited replayability in almost any scenario. Whether you’re spending time with yourself or with friends, dancing or seated, this song will bring up some near and dear emotions.

Photo courtesy of Anna Azarov

JD was a drag queen in New York, who was at his peak in the scene in the ‘90s, an aspect Ryal sought to illustrate through the ‘90s club scene vibe of the track. 

The single’s cover art is a moody, black-and-white depiction of an empty dance floor, perhaps representing the empty space left by JD’s heartbreaking passing. It could also speak to the need for “safe spaces,” providing an opportunity for folks to dance like nobody’s watching. In any case, the art is appropriate for the track’s music and message.

This release follows what has been a busy 2020 for the duo, as they’ve continued to release singles — possibly signaling another album or EP on the way. Stay tuned for Ryal’s work going forward.

Many thanks to Wendy Taliaferro, Culture Hype Rep, for the information and connection for this article. Check out Culture Hype for the first listen on so many amazing artists on the come up!

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