Ryal Releases Enchanting Video for “Thunder (Solo on the Dancefloor)”

Ryal is back with another enchanting video, this time for their evocative single, “Thunder (Solo on the Dancefloor).” We covered their single when it dropped, highlighting the nostalgic and danceable qualities of the song. 

The video brings out similar feelings as the song, creating a viewing experience without much dissonance. The video features Sam Given free-form dancing in a studio alone, emphasized by lead singer Jacque’s beautiful delivery.

He displays all of the emotions expressed in the song’s deep and personal lyrics; the song is dedicated to the memory of Jacque’s close friend who passed away from COVID-19 earlier this year. 

The set of the video also furthers the album art’s commentary on safe spaces by providing an opportunity for people to dance without judgement. Letting one’s emotions run free is important during these difficult times, and it’s courageous of Ryal to speak so directly to those in need.

Check out the video now and immerse yourself in the emotions of the moment; let them take you wherever they do! 

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