Feeder Tidbits w/ Dayon Greene, Billie Essco, and HIBERNATION

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Hear from Hummingbird’s Nest: Dayon Greene

This past summer, we got on the phone with DMV rising star Dayon Greene to talk about his debut album, Me, and everything that it means for his development as a person and artist.

“I just wanna let people know, you’re not alone,” Greene said. “We all go through days where we might be depressed… we all have been in love before, we’ve fallen out of love, had our heart broken… it’s so important to talk about that stuff.”

While he’s taken some time away from releasing music, his goals remain strong:

“I want to be able to make music that can continue to impact people,” he said. “I want to continue to grow to a place where I can do music full time in the studio all day.”

There are plenty of lessons to take from Greene’s music and experiences, but the idea that shines above all is his priority for mental health. 

“I just want people to… know it’s okay to be yourself,” he said. “It’s okay to go through your ups and downs. Just know there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.”

Read the full interview here.


As we wrap up the final weeks of chilly weather, make sure you’re equipped with the right music to keep you warm. HIBERNATION, featuring songs from Pink Siifu, Masego, Erykah Badu, and Infinite Bisous, is a playlist that’ll pair perfectly with hiding under your blankets until it gets sunny outside.  

Merch Alert

Buffalo’s own Billie Essco is in the middle of a rollout for CAFE, Season 2. Click over to his website to check it out, and follow him on IG to stay tuned for new releases.

Industry News 

Some may assume the music world is struggling at the hands of a financially suffocating pandemic. And some sectors have — despite the Save our Stages Act, many venues are having to shut down. But against all odds, it appears as though musicians and recording businesses are seeing large growth. While companies like Universal Music still retain a large market share, the recorded music market is still thriving. Let’s just hope they can bring that success back to the venues once things open back up.

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