Tune in Tuesday: Joyce Wrice, Beez & Gonzo, and Adé Hakim Impress with Fresh Heat

Happy Tune in Tuesday! New releases from Joyce Wrice, Benny the Butcher and Harry Fraud, Adé Hakim, and Beez & Gonzo highlight this week – have you checked them out yet?

Joyce Wrice ~ Overgrown

Wrice plays with R&B and some hip-hop stylings on her debut studio album, a wonderful effort that has something for everyone

Benny the Butcher & Harry Fraud ~ The Plugs I Met 2 

We know what we’re getting from Benny at this point – top-notch coke bars delivered through clenched teeth. Harry Fraud’s production is on point all over the project

Adé Hakim ~ Everything I Am and Will Be

A bite-sized EP after a busy 2020 for Hakim, this project is a nice check-in on how our beloved producer-rapper is doing these days.

Beez & Gonzo ~ Mayday

The duo relates emotional difficulties to a pilot yelling “mayday” on this song, a touching analogy in such difficult times. Tune in for relatable lyrics and strong production.

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