4 Short Albums Worth Daily Replays

Falling in love with a piece of art takes repeated appreciation, and given the recent trend of bloated tracklists, it can be hard to find an album you can return to day after day. But with a little digging, it’s not hard to find plenty of albums in the 10-to-30-minute range that pack the punch of a full-length production.

Ric Wilson & Terrace Martin — They Call Me Disco

Coming together in a pandemic to create some of the best boogie music of the year isn’t an easy task, but these two came together with finesse. They Call Me Disco ranges from hip-hop to R&B, as Wilson floats along Martin’s tight beats with his signature punchline-based delivery.

Muwosi — Of Compassion

As we covered in our interview, Muwosi is an intelligent singer in so many ways – her music is well-composed, her emotions are glowing, and her confidence is bright. Hear her harmonize over three beautifully-produced songs (shoutout to Lionmilk) and know that more music is on the way.

Kali Uchis — TO FEEL ALIVE

Music is an evolutionary trait for humans – and Kali Uchis shows why the lullaby is so powerful over these four tracks. Uchis sings of love and pain over four short songs, a perfect soundtrack to calming down at the end of a difficult day. 

Dinner Party — Dinner Party

Similar to Uchis’s EP, Dinner Party has calming capabilities. The All-Star grouping of 9th Wonder, Terrace Martin, Kamasi Washington, and Robert Glasper brings together some of the greatest all time talents across hip-hop and jazz, making for an expansive seven-track effort. While none of these songs burst out at the listener, prepare to be seduced by lyrical saxophone sections and entrancing drum and basslines.

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